project selection stages:

Preliminary stage

Applications are submitted in the following format:

At the preliminary stage, experts select up to 50 projects among the submitted projects to participate in the personal presentation to the draft referee’s commission. At this stage, the expert council can also, if necessary, ask questions of interest to the applicants and clarify them.

Application Deadline 23 march


intramural stage

The final selection is carried out by the referee’s commission based on the results of the actual speeches of potential applicants.

At this stage, of the pre-selected 50 companies, the panel of judges select up to 10 companies to participate in the Acceleration Program. The main criteria for selecting at this stage are expert judgments of the commission on the potential of commercialization of innovation projects and the investment attractiveness of companies.
Refereeing Commission
The judging commission of the Acceleration Program includes successful entrepreneurs, representatives of partner corporations, venture funds, specialized regional and sectoral ministries and business angels.

The panel of judges undertakes not to disclose information about the projects received from the applications. The procedure for the formation of the composition and activities of the judiciary commission is strictly confidential.

Decisions of the judiciary commission are registered in the protocol. The protocol contains information on the composition of the judiciary commission and the results of voting, data on the projects that will participate in the Acceleration Program. The results are approved and signed by the Chairman of the Judicial Commission and are not subject to revision.

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