• About Program

    What Startups get in 300 days of acceleration?


    opening up new international markets


    Access to engineering centers and other support services


    Work on the project with leading experts and market mentors


    Investments up to $ 120 000 from the Accelerator and program partners:

    • up to $ 100 000 investments from Accelerator.

    • up to $ 50 000 investments from co-organizers of the program.


    • You will get to work together with 50 strongest projects, competing with them at each stage. You will pass through several pitch-sessions introducing projects to key investors, take part in the accelerating program in Russia and at international innovation centers
  • The terms of participation
    The condition for the participation in the Acceleration Program is the willingness of the participant to allocate to Accelerator up to 25% of the share in the authorized capital of the legal entity created for the implementation of the project.
    When submitting an application, presentation of the project and other materials for participation in the Acceleration Competition and Acceleration Program, the Participants confirm their agreement with all provisions of the Acceleration Program and agree with the following rules and requirements: the participant guarantees that during the creation of the business project the intellectual and material rights of the third persons and bears full responsibility in case of non-fulfillment of this condition; Accelerator at admission and selection of applications reserves the right to refuse to participate in this Acceleration program in case of non-compliance of the business project with these terms of participation; Only Russian legal entities can participate in the Acceleration Program; The participant guarantees his participation in the Acceleration Program at all events of the Program, take into account the recommendations of mentors and experts invited to participate in the Program. Accelerator reserves the right to exclude a project from the Acceleration Program for improper performance of tasks, systematic violation of the discipline or recommendations of the Program.
    the participant of the Acceleration Program takes into account that during the Acceleration Program in accordance with these rules it is prohibited to publish, distribute or otherwise communicate to the users of the Internet resource any information that: contains threats, discredits, offends, defames honor and dignity or business reputation, or violates the privacy of other Program Members, members of the organizing committee, the Expert Council and the Jury, Internet users t-resource or other third parties; contains information of limited access, including, but not limited to commercial secrets, information about the privacy of Program Members and third parties; also violates other rights and interests of individuals and legal entities or requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
    If there are any violations of participation in the Acceleration Program, the Accelerator reserves the right to exclude the Participant from participation in the Acceleration Program without prior explanation of the reasons.
  • Selection criteria

    The program is subject to the following conditions.

    Obligatory conditions

    • Have the potential of commercialization in the global market, export-oriented or import-substituting opportunities;
    • Have an innovative component and technological feasibility;
    • Have a competent team;
    • seed stage (the presence of a product prototype) and possessing an investment perspective;
    • Have a high probability of industrial application;
    • Have a high probability of growth in market capitalization;
    • Have legal rights to the results of R and D in the regime of commercial secrets, including secrets of production (know-how) and patentable solutions;

    additional conditions

    (A positive influence in the selection of the program)

    • fluent enflish
    • The presence of a product that is an object (for) commercialization;
    • Availability of pilot implementation of innovative products at medium and large businesses;
  • Technological ways of selection


    • information technology
    • oil, gas, petrochemistry Technologies and Solutions
    • Medicine of the future
    • New materials and production technologies
    • Hardware
    • Biotechnologies in agriculture and industry

    • EnergyNet (distributed generation from personal power до smart grid, smart city)
    • FoodNet (Food delivery system)
    • SafeNet (Security IT security)
    • HelthNet (HealthTech)
    • AeroNet
    • FinNet
    • NeuroNet


    • Digital Design and Modeling
    • new materials
    • Adaptive technologies
    • Quantum Communications
    • Sensorics
    • biotronics
    • Neurotech
    • BigData
    • Artificial Intelligence and Control Systems
    • New energy sources
    • Element base (including processors)

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