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The A.A.C.Polymers company has developed innovative composites that combine processability of polymers with heat conduction of metals. The unique properties allow the material to create products that combine the design complexity (including 3D), resistance to aggressive external environment, ease and reliability. The availability of resource and the universality of the equipment makes it possible to organize production anywhere in the world with minimal logistic costs using

Andrey Kosenov

CEO and Co-Founder
"Supply for your creativity"
TRY.FIT patent pending solution identifies the best match footwear (size & model) for all intended activities (walking, running, jumping, snowboarding, hiking, etc.) by analyzing digitally simulated geometric and physical collisions between 3D fitting clones of the shopper’s foot and the shoes in these activities. The solution includes mobile & in-store scanning of the feet & footwear. This innovation would generate the highest shopping confidence and use satisfaction for in-store & online shoppers. TRY.FIT technology obsoletes traditional fitting paradigm and establishes a new S-curve of evolution in the industry.

Vagan Martirosyan

“TRY.FIT is revolutionizing the way people shop shoes online & in-store!”
AGELON is an online service for conducting market research. Its innovation solutions are focused on the target audience and respondents verification on the basis of the big data analysis in social media. As a result, it helps to reduce marketing research costs by 2-3 times in addition to increase data acquisition rate by 10-15 times.

Denis Bezenkov

“AGELON breaks the pattern that marketing researches are complex and expensive”
R-Visioneer company conducts advanced research and developments in the field of machine vision systems. We develop Arduino-style system that will change the approach to machine vision.

Dmitry Chiсkrin

“Just see the world!”
HR technology to estimate coder’s skills. See detailed contact information whenever publicly available: links to accounts in social networks, e-mail, Skype, etc. Languages: Discover what programming languages and technologies are used by the candidate. All data in the summary are based on, and verifiable with GitHub links. Find suitable candidates who already know the technology you employ

Дмитрий Кондратьев

Technology of creating Bioprotein from methane

Михаил Фишман