portfolio companies 2017
Radio-channel security and fire alarm system and emergency alerts for suburban real estate. RATELSIS LLC is a Small Innovative Enterprise engaged in developments in the field of radio communications and wireless technologies. The product of the project "Hard Core" LPWAN "for" Wireless Industrial IoT "is a wireless data transmission technology that can perform remote monitoring of remote objects with a long operating time from an autonomous power source, which has increased noise immunity with respect to existing ones.

Timur Galeev

SmartClick is a mobile application for online payment of fuel and other goods at filling stations, which allows owners of filling stations to reduce time for customer service, increase turnover and profitability of filling stations by selling related products, and customers - to receive and pay for goods without leaving the car (according to the principle McAvto), receive discounts and bonuses for viewing promotions.

Grigory Semakov

A new type of slip surface for cross-country skis to ensure effective sliding in a wide range of traffic conditions without slipping waxes.
The idea of the project: the use of a sliding surface of pure Teflon, as well as a filled conductive material provides a low friction ratio and good conductivity.

Evgeny Bogoslov

We develop and sell thermoabrasive equipment and technology for cleaning tubing pipes from any contamination, including from densely fixed radioactive salt deposits. The product is a thermoabrasive apparatus for cleaning tubing pipes from any contaminants. Product is testing at PJSC «TATNEFT showed the highest degree of purification at the lowest cost compared to other cleaning methods. PJSC TATNEFT purchased equipment and uses all year round under the open sky.

Alexey Skvortsov

Mouse provides a crowdfunding platform for live music. It allows emerging and established artists to easily gauge fan demand. Mouse lets fans experience live music wherever they want, while giving artists and venues guaranteed revenue through direct ticket sales and VR/360 streaming.

Ilia Karas

Flowito is a B2B platform , which florist can use, to create their own mobile App. This mobile app, created to order flower bouquets and customize unique bouquets by using 3D designer. Users can order bouquets by using this App and share it in social networks. Market of flowers internet sales grows by 15-20 percent per year. For 2016 Russian market value is 3 billion dollars, world market is 40 billion dollars.


Service of search and booking of working space.
a mobile application to search and book a workplace or several jobs for a small team in accordance with their requirements. A mobile server for coworking to manage orders and transactions. We allow people to find and book jobs from 2 hours to several days in coworking.

George Arefiev

The technology is the preparation of polymer-encapsulated submicron, including nanoparticles, fillers for a dispersively filled polymer composite material.
The main activity of LLC "Capsule" is the development of production of modified disperse fillers of polymeric composite materials. The solved problem is to increase the homogeneity of the distribution of disperse filler particles in the polymer matrix by improving the wettability of these particles by forming a polymeric shell on the surface of each particle of filler. This approach allows, among other things, to expand the scope of application of carbon nanoparticles in the development of functional polymer composite materials.

Maxim Danilaev

BeTrip is a smart navigator app for travellers. We automatically build not the shortest but the most beautiful and personalised routes through interesting places that we found using records on geotags from social networks and analysing your social profile and personal preferences.
Market of Travel helpers and guides applications grows in 27% p.y.
Our clients are travellers that have desire and time to explore something new.

Vladislav Tkachuck

We have Interactive Networking service REG.FM - matchmaking based on business needs. The simplest networking web-application for events and conferences. We have matchmaking tools for organizers. Our system functionality: exchange of contacts before, during and after events, dedicated time and place for face-to-face meetings.
For one year of work we have made more than 40 sales, we have more than 40 thousand users. We earned 1 million rubles. This is about fifteen thousand euros.


Agroinnovations product AGRO.AI is a SaaS platform for dairy/beef herd management, data aggregation and analysis. Product aims to increase efficiency of veterinary and zootechnical activities, feed/ration formulation, culling, provide assistance in decision-making and transparency for all industry stakeholders. In return reduce operational costs and increase herd reproduction and overall productivity.

Dusaev Marat